Test a Phone Number's Interoperability, Caller Id, Reputation, and STIR/SHAKEN Attestation Level

How to use Phone Number Information from Twilio Lookup Scout Addon


Install the Scout Lookup Addon for Twilio and create an inbound Phone Number

Update your incoming-number-detector Twilio Service /main Function

Paste the following javascript in the Editor for the /main Function.

  exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {  
    let twiml = new Twilio.twiml.VoiceResponse();        
    let fromNumber = event["Caller"]; // The From number is contained in this key 
    let speechFriendlyFromNumber = fromNumber.slice(1).split("").join(" "); // Format it better for speech
    let addons = JSON.parse(event["AddOns"]); // Parse your Addon data
    let scoutResult = addons.results.icehook_scout.result; // Grab the Scout data in particular
    let riskRating = scoutResult.spam_rating; // Explicitly set the Scout risk rating
    let riskLevel = scoutResult.spam_level; // Explicitly set the Scout risk level

    // Add a few cosmetic pauses
      length: 2

    twiml.say({ voice: "alice" }, "Welcome to test number dot org.");

      length: 1

    // Tell the caller what we have detected as the From Number
    twiml.say({ voice: "alice" }, "You are calling from " + speechFriendlyFromNumber + ".");

      length: 1

    // Tell the caller their scout risk rating
    twiml.say({ voice: "alice" }, "Scout determined your row bo call risk rating is " + riskRating.replace("_", " ") + ".");

      length: 1

    // Bid them farewell
    twiml.say({ voice: "alice" }, "Goodbye.");

    return callback(null, twiml);